About IFAA

Michael Janzen,  Chairman of IFAA


Arts Without Borders

International Federation of Arts & Artists

International Federation of Arts & Artists(IFAA) is a not-for-profit organization, registered by Industry Canada in 2020 (File Number: 1182886-0).

Objectives of IFAA

To promote all kinds of art, such as: architecture and allied fields, costume and fashion design, creative writing, dance, drama, film, folk art, graphic and craft arts, industrial design, motion pictures, music, painting, photography, radio, sculpture,  sound recording, television, video and so on;

To protect artists’ right to think and create freely;

To advocate artistic originality and uniqueness;

To encourage the spirit and concept of arts without borders between different cultures, nations and countries;

To establish and maintain close relations with relevant international, government and non-government organizations.

International Arts News

Art Advisor
Michael Janzen

Dr. Shaoren Gou

Editorial Board
Shanshan Sun (France)

 Baolin Cheng (United States)

 Liyang Wu (China)

Dr. Shaoren Gou (Canada)

Mrs. Lisa Ma

Danielle Marie Nowak

Center for Arts Studies & Criticism
Dr. Ping Zhang (Director)

Dr.Shiyong Wang (Deputy Director)

Center for Chinese Arts
Shi Fu

 Center for Film and Television Arts
Yan Chen

Wang Lei

Intern reporter
Yuanxi Li